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Crooked smile?

Misaligned teeth are more than a cosmetic issue — they can impact your overall dental health and undermine your self-esteem.

Crooked teeth can make cleaning more difficult, making you vulnerable to potential dental issues like decay and gum disease. At Bowles Dental, we know the importance of addressing this dental problem with effective solutions that improve your health and confidence. Book an appointment with our experienced Overland Park crooked teeth dentist today!

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Why is treating crooked teeth important?

Misaligned teeth can lead to uneven wear and tear, increasing the risk of tooth damage and loss. They can also leave spaces for plaque and bacteria to build up. By addressing crooked teeth, you not only improve the appearance of your smile but also protect your oral health, improving your well-being and confidence:
    • Prevent gum disease and tooth decay.
    • Reduce the risk of tooth wear and damage.
    • Improve oral hygiene.
    • Enhance overall dental health.
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Chad Bowles, DDS, PA


“I love seeing the transformation in my patients’ smiles and their self-confidence. At Bowles Dental, we’re not just straightening teeth — we’re crafting smiles that bring joy to our patients.”

How to stop crooked teeth?

Treating crooked teeth requires the right strategy, tailored to your personal needs. At Bowles Dental, we typically address this issue using one of two highly effective treatments: Invisalign and veneers.


Invisalign: A modern solution that uses clear, custom-made aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. It’s an ideal option for those with advanced misalignment issues.


Veneers: These thin, custom-crafted shells cover the front surface of teeth, instantly improving their appearance. Veneers are an effective solution in cases when there’s just one or a few misaligned teeth.

One of our Overland Park crooked teeth dentists will thoroughly evaluate your dental needs and discuss your goals to determine the best treatment for you. Call or text (913) 491-6663 to get the treatment you need!

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Straightening your smile with confidence

At Bowles Dental, your well-being is our priority. Our Overland Park crooked teeth dentists are committed to delivering a healthier, more beautiful smile.

We work closely with your insurance provider to maximize your benefits, reducing your expenses. Don’t have insurance? No problem! We offer an affordable in-house membership program and flexible financing options, so everyone has access to quality dental care.

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