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Don’t let stained and discolored teeth hold you back

Stained and discolored teeth are extremely common and can affect the way you look and feel. Do you dream of a picture-perfect dazzling smile? Or are you looking for a less dramatic but still life-changing smile transformation?

Whatever you hope to achieve, we offer teeth whitening treatments to brighten your smile. At Bowles Dental, we can help with tooth stains caused by:


Coffee and tea


Side effects of medications


Tobacco use


Natural aging process

Remember though, your health and wellness are our top priorities. We’ll help you fix decay, gum disease, and other issues to create a lasting and healthy foundation before beginning any cosmetic treatments.

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Chad Bowles, DDS, PA


“When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, my goal is to enhance your appearance without compromising your health. Our teeth whitening treatments reduce stains and make you look years younger. But the results are always natural and never ‘too bright’.”

Our take-home whitening treatments

We love making cosmetic dentistry easy and convenient for everyone. That’s why we provide whitening treatments that you can do at home while you watch TV, read a book, or just lounge on the sofa!

  • Custom Whitening Trays – Made right here in our office, we’ll craft a set of custom whitening trays (yours to keep forever) and provide you with a peroxide gel to fill them.
  • Opalescence Go – This is what we call a “semi-custom” whitening system. Instead of custom whitening trays made from scratch, Opalescence Go uses prefilled whitening trays. Through innovative UltraFit™ technology, the trays conform to the shape and contour of your teeth for a perfect fit.

With either option, you’ll see results in 2 weeks or less! Find out more about your options at your next visit to Bowles Dental.

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Do DIY whitening strips really work?

Tooth whitening is a multi-billion dollar industry. When you go to the grocery store, you’ll find quite a few whitening options in the toothpaste aisle. The most popular of these are so-called “whitening strips.”

The idea is that you stick them on your teeth for a few minutes a day and in a couple of weeks you’ll start to see whiter teeth with fewer stains.

But what’s the truth? Whitening strips…

  • Aren’t custom-fit to your mouth – They don’t fit anyone perfectly, often aren’t that comfortable, and don’t hold the whitening compound securely in place.
  • Over-promise and under-deliver – Store-bought whitening strips aren’t as effective and powerful as those you can get from us. They often advertise unrealistic results!
  • Don’t produce lasting results – Frequently repeated applications are needed as your teeth develop new stains. This can often lead to sensitive teeth!

Don’t get us wrong. Whitening strips can whiten teeth, but the results and experience are never as good as you hope for or what can be achieved with our office’s whitening treatments.

Your First Visit

Many people who visit Bowles Dental have questions about cosmetic issues, including stained and discolored teeth. During your first visit, you’ll get a full set of x-rays, a thorough exam, cleaning, and time to speak with your dentist (expect to spend about 90 minutes at our office).

We’ll review your exam, talk about how you’d like to improve the appearance of your teeth, and discuss a treatment plan.

Judgement-free office

We’re here to help. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you saw a dentist, we’re glad you came to see us!

On-time appointments

Every appointment starts on time, with as little waiting as possible.

Care with a smile

We know that nobody looks forward to a trip to the dentist. So we go above and beyond to make your experience at our office one of a kind. See for yourself!

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Invest in your smile

Interested in our proven and effective tooth whitening treatments? Whether you have dental insurance or not, we will work with you. If you don’t have insurance, ask about our in-office membership plan and CareCredit. But if you do have insurance, leave everything to us. We’ll file the paperwork and make sure you maximize your dental benefits.

Become a patient for life

I have been coming to Bowles Dental for years and always feel like a “member of the family”. I highly recommend them. You will be in very good, professional hands. — Scottie L.

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