White Fillings in Overland Park, KS

No more silver fillings

Cavities happen. We can help!

We’ve broken up with metal fillings…

For decades, every dentist relied on silver-mercury amalgam (metal) fillings to repair cavities. But today at Bowles Dental, we know that there’s a better way to fix cavities: tooth-colored composite fillings.

Compared to old-fashioned silver fillings, white fillings have many advantages:

  • They’re smaller and require the removal of less of your natural tooth structure. Large silver fillings have a bad habit of coming loose and falling out over time.
  • Unlike metal fillings, they actually strengthen your tooth. This helps to prevent chips and cracks in the future.
  • The composite resin material is biocompatible and 100% non-toxic.
  • They have a natural appearance and nobody will be able to see your filling when you laugh or smile!
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Chad Bowles, DDS, PA


“With all the technology we have available today, there’s just no reason to recommend outdated silver fillings. The benefits are clear. If you have a cavity and hate how silver fillings look, come see us at Bowles Dental!”

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Overland Park white fillings dentist

Cavities & Your Health

Nearly 95% of people will get a cavity at some point in their life. Cavities can happen to anyone, even those who never miss a visit to the dentist. At Bowles Dental, we focus on cavity prevention, early cavity detection, and minimally invasive fillings. 

At every exam and cleaning, we remove the plaque and tartar that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease, help you improve your at-home brushing/flossing technique, and closely examine your teeth for signs of decay. When cavities are caught early, it’s easier to fix them and there’s less damage to the rest of your healthy tooth structure.

When a cavity isn’t discovered quickly or if left untreated, tooth decay can lead to:

  • Very painful toothaches and serious infections
  • Large cracks and fractures in the tooth
  • Eventually, you may even need a root canal or tooth extraction

Your First Visit

Many patients who visit Bowles Dental have questions about tooth decay and the health of their teeth. During your first visit, you’ll get a full set of x-rays, a thorough exam, cleaning, and time to speak with your dentist (expect to spend about 90 minutes at our office).

We’ll review your x-rays, talk about any signs of cavities and tooth decay, and discuss next steps.

Judgement-free office

We’re here to help. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you saw a dentist, we’re glad you came to see us!

On-time appointments

Every appointment starts on time, with as little waiting as possible.

Care with a smile

We know that nobody looks forward to a trip to the dentist. So we go above and beyond to make your experience at our office one of a kind. See for yourself!

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Invest in your dental health

Need a composite tooth filling? Whether you have dental insurance or not, our office will work with you. If you don’t have insurance, ask about our in-office membership plan and CareCredit. But if you do have insurance, leave everything to us. We’ll file the paperwork and make sure you maximize your dental benefits.

Become a patient for life

“I’ve been coming to this dentist office since I was 3 years old, and my family has been coming for generations. It is so amazing to have a place where everyone knows your name!” – Morgan

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