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Did you know that tooth enamel is even harder than bones? But even the hardest tissue in the body can get damaged by constant wear and tear. Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) puts excessive pressure on your teeth, weakening them over time and leaving them vulnerable to chips, cracks, and even fractures. Thankfully, a custom night guard can keep your teeth strong and healthy.

But not only patients with bruxism can benefit from mouthguards. Our custom-made mouthguards are an effective, simple, versatile solution for many problems, including sleep apnea and TMJ disorder. They also help protect athletes from injuries and are highly recommended for patients with braces (especially if they practice any contact sports).

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Why custom mouthguards?

Many of our patients come to us after trying over-the-counter mouthguards without success. Store-bought guards are often made of a soft material that actually increases teeth grinding. Because they are not custom-made, they don’t fit perfectly in your mouth, making them uncomfortable and ineffective.

Although they seem more convenient and affordable, they are really less cost-effective than custom mouthguards, since they are usually less durable in the long run.

Benefits of custom mouthguards:

  • Comfortable, perfect fit
  • Increased protection
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Allow you to breathe and talk normally
  • More durable than store-bought guards
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Chad Bowles, DDS, PA


“Before coming here, many patients don’t realize that they have bruxism — they just get used to headaches, jaw pain, and other symptoms. What I love about custom mouthguards is that they offer a simple, practical way to improve their quality of life.”

Getting Started

If you think you may suffer from bruxism, sleep apnea, or TMJ, or need a protective sports mouthguard for you or your child, we can help you. One of our dentists will evaluate your mouth and answer any questions you may have!


Our dentist will talk to you to understand your needs and perform an evaluation.


We will take an impression of your teeth to create your customized mouthguard.

Your Mouthguard

We’ll make sure your mouthguard fits perfectly and do any necessary adjustments.

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Invest in Your Dental Health

We can help you protect your teeth! You can get a custom mouthguard in Overland Park — even if you don’t have dental insurance. Our office offers different payment options, including our in-house savings plan and CareCredit. Our team will be happy to handle any necessary paperwork and answer all your questions.

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